Monday 17th January 2022

1pm-4pm GMT

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Most people do everything they can to avoid difficult communication in the workplace, thinking that all conflict is bad when the reality is that the right type of conflict and stepping into difficult conversations can take relationships to a while new level of openness, honesty and understanding.

The irony is that trying to avoid difficult conversations can exacerbate already tense situations leading to emotionally charged interactions and defensiveness. How can we possibly expect to be productive in these types of situations.

The key is to approach how we communicate, with intentionality. To slow down, assess the situation from a non-judgemental perspective and decide the right approach to take for all concerned.

Sounds simple on paper doesn’t it.

This type of conscious behaviour can be learned and is our focus in this virtual training

You will learn the benefits of addressing sensitive discussions before they grow out of control and will come away better able to navigate difficult people and conversations.

You will also:

Identify the causes and effects of difficult communication so you know the pitfalls to avoid in the future

Learn a variety of responses to difficult situations so you can avoid stalemate in those moments when it feels like you’re out of options

Identify strategies to move from conflict to co-operation to get relationships back on track

Learn how to invite and offer constructive feedback in difficult situations so you can keep the flow of communication going

Understand how to use helpful language in asking for what you need to avoid unnecessary conflict in the first place

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Founder of Fired Up Leaders, Leadership Coach & Trainer.

Nicola has been a qualified and practicing coach since 2005. She spent 15+ years in corporate roles within the Drinks industry and was a military wife and partner for 23 years.

Nicola supports leaders of all levels to be the best they can be. She is a Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach, a Certified High Performance Coach and an Everything DiSC and 5 Behaviours practitioner. She is fascinated by leadership behaviours and committed to improving performance in the workplace for the benefit of all.


"Nicola developed and delivered a fantastic webinar. Delivered in a calm, confident manner, she was both able to explain the theory behind the kind of leadership that was needed during these difficult times and provide practical tips for leaders and teams."

"As an HR Consultant working with numerous SMEs, Nicola's expertise and guidance has been invaluable not only to me, but also many of those on my client's Senior Management Teams."

Nicola's direct (but gentle!) professional and insightful approach has instilled career confidence and added value to me, my clients, their teams and their business. We all enjoy working with her and transforming performance using her guidance, knowledge and the resources available to us.

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17th January 2021
1pm-4pm GMT